Secure IT access rights: 5 success factors for IAM projects

Who is permitted to use an IT system, and which authorizations are assigned? When introducing a central tool for Identity & Access Management (IAM), companies need to be meticulous. These five steps will help you achieve your goal reliably and keep costs under control.

How agile is your Transformation Management?

To achieve project goals safely and quickly, many transformation managers rely on agile principles. How can you adopt agile practices in your change project? Here are five key aspects. How can you adopt agile practices in your change project? Here are five key aspects. Here are five key aspects

Agile transformation: Small leaps, high impact

Low angle view of athletes high fiving after successful workout. Male and female friends are in sportswear. They are against clear sky on sunny day.

To make a company more agile, you don’t have to go all out. How to drive change step-by-step and achieve rapid results.

Predictive Analytics: Intelligent Big Data forecasts

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Which locations are particularly worth investment? How can fraud be detected before major damage occurs? AI and Big Data allow increasingly precise predictions. What are the capabilities of data-driven forecasts?

Behavior change: What really keeps us going

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Transformation only succeeds when employees shift their mindsets and adopt new behaviors. That doesn’t happen overnight. How can you keep up motivation? We present findings from psychology and four practical approaches.

Hybrid events: How to convince a large audience

Closeup smart mobile phone taking Live of Businesswoman working with Group Of Business people, Camera for photographer or Video and Live Streaming concept

Many conferences are currently taking place online. This will change the way we organize events in the long run. Hybrid events in particular have great advantages. How to manage the mix of live and online elements?

Getting the best out of online workshops

Back view of female employee speaking on video call with diverse colleagues on online briefing with laptop at home.

A workshop is the ideal setting for defining goals, developing ideas or team building. But is this also true when the event takes place online?

Cyber security 2021: Checkup for the IT immune system

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The pandemic poses enough problems – cyber-attacks shouldn’t be one of them. How can companies protect their systems thoroughly and prepare themselves against new threats?

Performance Reporting: How to deal with skeptics

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Financial reports at the push of a button – that’s the promise of performance reporting tools. However, employees are not necessarily enthusiastic about the transparency and the associated workload. How can you convince the skeptics?