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Change Management – Giving orientation

There are many occasions for companies to fundamentally change their organization as well as their processes. Despite valid reasons such as lacking time and financial resources, new technologies for example in the IT environment play also an important role for changes. As change manager, we help you to actively promote the change.

Already before the start of the project, we support you by analyzing the significance of affected employee groups as well as the consequences of the planned change. With the start of the change, we will show you how to deal with change resistance and will create particular concepts. We develop and take care of target-group appropriate communication channels such as digital newsletters and intranet pages.

By setting up focus groups, information events and workshops, we involve leaders and employees and encourage them to promote the change. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable change in your company.

On request, we also qualify your management staff and selected employees in the area of change management. Additionally, we support you by building up a network of “Multipliers/ Change promoters” who further manage the topic after the official end of the project phase.