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CRM Readiness

As already explained in the definition of CRM, expectations towards the implementation of a CRM system are often not met. This often has to do with the fact that the focus of CRM on IT-aspects is too strong. Other aspects such as embedding the CRM implementation in the overall corporate strategy or the fit between CRM systems and business processes are often neglected. Therefore, it is advisable to complete a so-called CRM Readiness Check before implementing the CRM. In different dimensions, this check analyzes the maturity of the company and reveals whether it is ready for a CRM implementation. Alongside the compliance of the CRM intention with the overall corporate strategy and the process requirements, the Readiness Check should verify as to what extent the IT landscape (infrastructure and applications) already supports or enables a CRM implementation. Furthermore, it must be determined as to what extent the necessary human resources and the CRM-relevant organization are available for the CRM implementation project. Another important aspect is the cost calculation of a CRM implementation and the operating costs (incl. profitability calculation/business case calculation).

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