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Change Journey

The term Change Journey describes the fact, that change at an individual level or within organizations is not normally a linear path from situation "A" to situation "B". Instead, it is a "journey" – a journey of change that runs through several phases. The path along this change journey is only partially predictable and depends on a number of circumstances and parameters. Due to this, change management, or transformation management, as it frequently being termed recently, is an exceptionally challenging task at the individual level and also within corporate structures. Shock, numbness, rejection, fear, anger, depression, comprehension, acceptance and resumption of activities are a possible classification of the phases to be run through within the change journey on the typical change curve. In addition to the change journey model and the closely related change curve, so-called change maps are increasingly finding their way into practice. These change maps show the different positions of stakeholders in transformation processes and their relation to each other. The concept of the change journey can be utilized in all aspects of change management. In a Post Merger Integration situation, which arises in the course of an M&A case, the need for change is frequently so vast that it results in very suitable application areas for the change journey concept and other tools such as change impact analysis or a change resistance analysis.

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