Student Award Business Chemistry: Agility in Chemical Procurement

For his master’s thesis, Niels Gerhard took a closer look at the procurement function of a chemical company: How agile is the organization – is there any room for improvement? He delivered an excellent analysis, which won our Student Award Business Chemistry 2018, in cooperation with the University of Münster.

DevOps Toolchain: Software tools for agile teams

IT Development and Operations are growing together in many companies. This principle is called DevOps, and it has to be reflected in the technical tools: Shared software enables a seamless cooperation. Our practical example illustrates how companies can put together an optimal tool chain.

On the trail of “Skyfall”: Hiking against stress

For many managers, work life is a mental marathon. Stress can hardly be avoided. Silke Grosse-Hornke knows this all too well. This summer, she put on her hiking boots in order to find a balance. Here she shares her experiences on the Scottish West Highland Way.