Comply with EU regulation DORA safely and on time

The EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) imposes new obligations on the financial industry by January 2025. High time to get started. Our brochure will get you ready for the DORA sprint. Also included for free: an interactive checklist. It shows you which criteria your company already meets and where you need to improve.

How to reach ambitious goals with OKR

Potenziale entfalten mit OKRs

Objectives & Key Results (OKR) are making waves in the business world. So, what’s the essence of this approach, which was first adopted in Silicon Valley? Our video elucidates how to craft OKRs and inspire peak performance within your team.

In focus: 6 success factors for reorganization

Tough times, new goals – there are many reasons for companies to reorganize. Whether the plan will succeed is determined by one question: Are we addressing the real problem or just symptoms?

How much change is too much?

Are you driving change or is change driving you? How can companies manage the multitude of current transformations without overwhelming their employees? Our partner Silke takes a psychological approach to the topic and describes a way out of constant pressure caused by a multi-project agenda.

Project management – the underrated superpower

To innovate and improve, companies need creativity, courage and technical expertise. But those capabilities will not have the desired impact if something else is missing: Here are 5 reasons why project management is the superpower of successful companies.

Do good – but do it with a plan

Companies bear responsibility for society and the environment – and many of them have already made commitments. But, as the demand for sustainable action rises, so too does the pressure to have a more strategic approach.

Cyber security 2022: Checkup for the IT immune system

Science technology concept. Laboratory. Examination. Research.

Criminal hackers are constantly developing new attack methods. How can companies protect their systems from the ground up and arm themselves against new threats?

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