Employee Spotlight: Marcel Mohm

For our colleague Marcel, it’s easy to step out of his shell, even when dancing at a carnival show.

Employee Spotlight: Max Schülting

Business and IT often speak different languages, according to our colleague Max. As a Consultant, he has to communicate and translate a lot. In his free time, he devours one book after another, which helps him empathize with different ways of thinking.

Employee Spotlight: Kai Souschek

Between two projects, our colleague Kai took some time off and realized a long-cherished dream: He spent three months traveling in Australia and Asia.

Employee Spotlight: Tim Bischof

Our colleague Tim’s advice to aspiring consultants: Never say, “That’s too tall for me”! As a passionate racing cyclist, he believes that high altitudes keep you fit, both in sports and on the job. In his Q&A, Tim shares how he came to IT consulting.

Employee Spotlight: Matthias Lücking

Every day is different: If you love variety like our colleague Matthias, you can thrive in IT project management. An enthusiastic field hockey player, he believes that team spirit is also very important in professional life.

Employee Spotlight: Jonas Heimann

New projects, new topics? Bring them on, says our colleague Jonas. In the latest issue of our interview series, the mechanical engineer and hobby kart driver tells us how he became Project Manager in no time.

Employee Spotlight: Christopher Bisping

For financial companies, IT security is an existential issue. Our colleague Christopher provides insight into his specialty – and reveals his unusual recipe for a guaranteed disconnection on vacation.

Employee Spotlight: Anna-Melina Buschermöhle

Strategy and innovation – two mega topics where our colleague Anna-Melina supports our customers. Learn more about her experiences as a Senior Consultant in our team.

Employee Spotlight: Jens Wittland

As a Project Manager, Jens supports our customers in complex IT projetcs. This is not as nerdy as it may sound, our colleague explains in his Q&A.

Employee Spotlight: Nina Janssen

Who is who at grosse-hornke? In her Q&A, Nina shares how she got involved in consulting, some of her favorite projects to work on with clients, and her passions outside of work.