Employee Spotlight: Christopher Bisping


How long have you been with grosse-hornke? What is your role on your team?

I’ve been an employee at grosse-hornke since August 2019. I was hired as a Management Consultant and was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2020. As of July, I will take over the function of a project manager.


What initially interested you about our company? What do you enjoy about working here? 

During my studies, I had the opportunity to participate in various student projects. I especially liked working on new, challenging topics in motivated teams, which inspired my decision to go into consulting. At grosse-hornke, I like to support our customers in difficult projects often related to strategic IT topics. I also really enjoy the culture at grosse-hornke – team members support each other and give new team members responsibility within the projects early on.


Any fun projects on the horizon? What are you and your team up to next?

The next important milestone is the go-live of a newly built solution in a project I supported from day one. It is great to see how the initial ideas we had at the beginning of the project are now coming to life.


Interested in learning more about our projects and getting to know our colleagues in real life?

Join us for our upcoming "Networking Lunch" – exclusively for students and aspiring consultants!

What are some of the common challenges facing your clients at the moment?

One of the big challenges facing a lot of companies in the finance sector is adapting the aging IT landscape while new competitors enter the market. The established players often still work with software from the beginning of the century while the market requires new, digital solutions. On the surface, that change has already begun, however, the backend applications remain often untouched, which can create various issues down the road.


Another major challenge is IT security. This includes a mix of internal problems – such as old applications that cannot be updated, insider threats, etc. – and external ones – such as professional or even state-sponsored hacker groups, banking and insurance IT requirements, employee shortages, etc.


Christopher on a hiking tour on the Isle of Skye

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring management consultant?

Be open to new situations and challenges. This may sound like an overused phrase, but the message rings true: you will learn from every new project and topic. It may just take a little time.


How do you like to spend your free time/unwind?

I really like to be in nature, either running or hiking. Being active outdoors refills my energy and I often get my best ideas while running around the Aasee, a lake in my home town of Münster.

I also organize and conduct holiday camps for teenagers. Believe me, there is no better way to switch off from work than being in such a camp. You simply don’t have the time to think about work 😊!


What good books have you read lately?

I highly recommend reading “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead. The book is set in an alternate 19th century and tells the story of two slaves during their escape from slavery. Among many other prizes, Colson Whitehead won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for the book; if you ask me, this was well-earned.

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2022-06-20, grosse-hornke

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