Employee Spotlight: Anna-Melina Buschermöhle


How long have you been with grosse-hornke? What is your role on your team?

I have been with grosse-hornke for more than two and a half years. As a Senior Consultant, I manage my own project in the strategy and innovation department of an energy company.


What initially interested you about our company? What do you enjoy about working here? 

I was initially attracted to grosse-hornke for the way they challenge the traditional model of larger consultancy firms. The smaller team size allows you to directly work with the managing directors on most of the projects, and you never feel like you are just a number. You are working with the client from day one, giving you a lot of responsibility.


What’s more, the team consists of young and ambitious colleagues, which makes working together professional, efficient and fun. Even if we don’t have daily touch points, the managing directors make sure we come together regularly to strike the right balance between training and socialising. Moreover, we are always looking for new talents to bring new energy and perspectives to our team.


Any fun projects on the horizon? What are you and your team up to next?

Next to the regular change/transformation projects, I have the great pleasure to be managing a virtual community platform project bringing together entrepreneurs, top executives, and business leaders from different industries around the world to discuss challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. Currently, we are looking into the possibilities of moving the community to the metaverse which allows for a new business model.


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What was your dream job as a child and what has your journey been like to arrive where you are today?

Being a consultant is not one of the typical answers you would expect from a 7-year-old and it wasn’t mine. My dream jobs varied from being a singer (which I am absolutely not) to being a vet or an architect. At one point, I realized that problem solving and handling more than one task at a time were the most interesting aspects of my professional path.


What did you study at university and how has it been relevant to your role at grosse-hornke?

I studied Business Administration as my Bachelor’s and continued with a Master’s in Law & Economics with a focus on corporate management. My studies allowed me to gain a deep understanding of how companies and the economy as a whole work. With that knowledge in mind, I am able to discuss and advise clients on a variety of topics.


What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring management consultant?

Challenge yourself and the status quo! Finding new ways of working, new possibilities, or undiscovered paths will always be appreciated by your clients, colleagues, and yourself.


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2022-06-07, grosse-hornke

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