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A reliable and clearly structured IT operation is worth its weight in gold for companies. It enables state-of-the-art IT services, helping you to run your day-to-day business successfully. Operational processes run stably and can be developed flexibly at the same time. This enables your company to quickly adapt to new customer requirements and market conditions and to stand out from the competition. The more efficient your IT operations, the lower your operating costs usually are. Fundamentally modernising IT can therefore be worthwhile in many respects. We support you with our many years of project experience in the field of IT Operations & Delivery.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reduced IT complexity
  • Transparency across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Minimized risks through preventive and immediate corrections
  • Maximum efficiency throughout the company
  • Higher productivity and profitability

We support you in the following areas of IT Operations & Delivery

Process optimization

You specify the goals, we select the optimal methods with you and implement the necessary measures together with you. We do not view your project in isolation, but in the context of your entire IT infrastructure and application landscape. How far we digitize processes and to what extent we include various internal functions and external business partners in this, we define with you in great detail. Only within these degrees of freedom do we optimize your processes and ensure that costs, quality and (process) time are in an optimal relationship. To this end, we coordinate intensively with the relevant stakeholders.


We do not see digitization as an end in itself, but as a necessity in order to remain competitive in the medium and long term. Companies that automate processes and avoid media discontinuities have a clear advantage. Using a digitalization roadmap, we determine where your company currently stands and make it possible to track the underlying business case. Together with you, we conduct digitization audits with relevant stakeholders and business partners. Using benchmarks, we make the degree of digitalization of your company transparent and derive development potential.

Integration of business partners

IT interfaces to business partners of our customers are a special challenge. Particularly in the case of low value creation depths, it is important to identify and involve all the business partners and stakeholders involved. Therefore, we start every project with an analysis of all processes and interfaces in order to be able to react to appropriate situations at an early stage.

Management and controlling

Comprehensive controlling makes it possible to manage IT operations in a targeted manner. If the actual state deviates from the target state, the performance can be quickly adjusted and optimized. We create individual controlling dashboards with relevant key figures for our customers and train the users in the specialist departments in them. Where necessary, we integrate technical interfaces, for example in the data warehouse environment. In this way, we create transparency across all areas of the company. So we take care of projects from A to Z, from requirements analysis to C-level controlling.

Identity & Access Management

IAM is essential in a hybrid IT landscape that includes both systems on premise and in the cloud. Until a few years ago, companies mainly used in-house developed applications or databases on premise for IAM. New requirements, in particular through legislation, promote cloud-based applications (cloud IAM). We accompany all kinds of IAM projects. Among other things, we support our customers in defining role models, selecting IAM tools, implementing audits and integrating diverse applications (e.g. web applications, Active Directory, SAP, Exchange). One of our special topics is Privileged Access Management (PAM). We are also very familiar with projects in regulated industries, such as the financial and healthcare sectors, and know how to get the job done on time and on budget in these environments.

At grosse-hornke, we pay special attention to the topic of cyber security. Because in an increasingly digital and connected world, the threats are growing: Big data, artificial intelligence and cloud connections open up many opportunities for companies, but also make them more vulnerable. We help our clients stay in control. We have developed our own concept for this purpose: the House of Cyber Security. We look at the entire IT landscape of a company, analyse risks and requirements, recommend and prioritise suitable measures. Our customers can use it to plan dedicated programs or evolve their cyber security as part of IT operations and delivery. Relevant measures include vulnerability testing, code reviews, penetration testing, patch management, firewall management, proxy solutions, certificate and domain management, SPAM filters, virus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) protection applications. We support customers in setting up and selecting Security Operations Centers (SOC). We manage these and base them on use cases that meet our needs. This creates a seamless security system that also records all data room activities in an audit-proof manner. We accompany many of our customers on a long-term basis. After all, IT security has to evolve continuously to keep pace with new threats.

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