Project Example Innovation Reporting
Development of a meaningful innovation reporting system to measure the "Return on Innovation".

Wouldn't it be great to know what the return on investment is for all innovation activities?
is in your company?

The Target

Full transparency of all innovation activities, performance analysis and measurement of the financial impact that innovation activities have on the achievement of strategic business objectives

The Challenge

Coordination and harmonization of approx. 20 centrally and decentrally organized innovation departments, which collect a wide variety of key figures in a non-standardized form in a wide variety of systems and formats.

The Approach

In a first phase, all relevant stakeholders and their interests were identified. It was assessed what data was already available, in what systems and formats, and an initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed to give key stakeholders a tangible taste of the final product.

Phase 2 evaluated which metrics were most appropriate. A plan was developed on how to train the initial stakeholders and an assessment was made on how to incrementally automate the process of data processing. Initial insights into the most important key figures were also provided.

In phase 3, KPI target values were developed in cooperation with the individual stakeholders and interfaces to existing reporting systems were implemented. The final product then formed the basis for simplifying portfolio management and decision-making at various hierarchical levels.

The Result

At the end of the project, we handed over a digitized and automated performance dashboard to the client.

The Success Factors

Strong alignment between the development team, operating departments and executive leaders to make the business outcomes measurable

Training that goes beyond a technical understanding of reporting tools and focuses instead on understanding the end-to-end process

Active stakeholder management to ensure coordination across different departments and hierarchical levels

Agile way of working with a focus on co-creation in sprints to ensure the best possible match between business requirements and deliverables

Strong alignment with established reporting structures in support functions (e.g., Finance, Controlling, HR)

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