Cyber Security
We take care of your safety

Cyber security is an essential component of corporate success


… of all companies worldwide have been
already a victim of a cyber attack


… of the organizations do not have

a cyber security incident response plan in place

223 billion euros in losses

… due to cyberattacks have occurred in German companies within one year

Source: Project Management Institute, Pulse of the Profession 2017; Digitalverbannd Bitkom

Putting on protective equipment - 
We focus on your digital security


With our “House of Cyber Security” concept, we quickly and easily analyze the maturity level of your cyber security.

Holistic solutions

We create comprehensive solutions for your cyber security and work with you to tackle vulnerabilities.

Frequent check-ups

The digital world is constantly evolving, and so are the associated risks. With regular check-ups, we ensure that you are ready for the next challenge.

Accepting challenges

Digitalization creates countless exciting development opportunities for companies. Big data, cloud services or the Internet of Things – IT departments are currently dealing with these and many other topics. The question quickly arises as to how the highest possible data and system security can be guaranteed. Not only must the risk of hacker attacks be minimized, but also the danger of employees leaking confidential data to the outside world. Outsourcing of IT services harbors further potential security gaps, which can be mitigated by stringent provider management and regular security audits, among other things.

Our experts support you, for example, in training employees in handling sensitive data, establishing quality criteria and security rules, detecting data leakage/cyber-attacks at an early stage and, at best, preventing them, and optimizing your IT systems from a security perspective.

Our “House of Cyber-Security” concept enables us to determine the maturity level of your cyber-security quickly and easily. Based on this we plan and successfully implement the next steps in a structured manner together with you.

The "House of Cyber Security"

Our “House of Cyber Security” provides you with a framework for health checks and continuous improvement of your company-wide Cyber-Security level.

Key aspects of cyber security 
during the "Corona Crisis"

New challenges

Home Office

Over 60 percent of Germans work
now at home

Source: Statista 2020

High demand

... for online meetings, secure data transmission and remote accesses


... of multiple devices, including home computers and personal mobile phones

10 key aspects of cyber security, especially during
the "Corona Crisis"

1. Support and motivation

Organize information sessions and proactively communicate about all aspects (business, employees’ questions, crisis committee, impacts on IT infrastructure, prevention, etc.)

2. Ensure safe workableness

Ensure that employees can work from home (access rights, hardware, software, clear rules and guidelines, etc.).

3. core infrastructure

Checking the core infrastructure (e.g. VPN, server) with regard to extended requirements and taking action if necessary

4. Phishing awareness

Ensure that all employees are informed about currently circulating fake news and the increased risk of phishing attacks

5. Safe access

Configure firewalls, networks, collaboration tools, and servers for remote access.

6. Awareness of "shadow IT"

Preventing risky “do-it-yourself” workflows by providing clear statements on officially permitted applications and tools

7. Monitoring

Monitor current demands, data flows and accesses in your IT infrastructure (e.g. via new use cases in your Security Operations Center) and take action if necessary

8. Backup plans

Ensure that your IT team has a emergency security access to your IT infrastructure (ensure physical safety, e.g. hygiene rules)

9. Data security

Set up and provide short term data transfer / file sharing rules and policies in collaboration with your internal compliance department

10. Future sustainability

Do not stop security relevant activities (e.g. security audits, hardening, etc.) and try to proceed with your project in the best possible manner

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