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In business, there are many occasions for transformation.
Wouldn't it be helpful to have an expert by your side to guide you through the upcoming change?

The Challenge

In many cases, the WHAT is clear: a vision is in place, targets are set. Ready to go. But HOW to shape the path from the defined target state or vision to enduring real value?

The human factor

Transformation is first and foremost a human transformation.
Changing the behaviour of the people affected by the change is the key – but obviously not an easy task. And if the benefits towards a target state through transformation are not visible to the stakeholders, the transformation will be difficult. Changing just for the sake of it has a great potential for failure, especially if the change incurs negative consequences.

Therfore first things first

It is essential to tell a consistent and authentic transformation story to get everyone on board. What is positive about the change? What are the chances? With many transformations, however, it is likely that they will not only bring positive results. In these cases, tell also what will be difficult and how you are planning to deal with the situation.

Giving orientation

As change manager, we help you to actively promote the change. Already before the start of the project, we support you by analyzing the significance of affected employee groups as well as the consequences of the planned change. With the start of the change, we will show you how to deal with change resistance and will create particular concepts. We develop and maintain target group-oriented communication channels, for example digital newsletters and intranet pages. By setting up focus groups, information events and workshops, we involve leaders and employees and encourage them to promote the change.

Our goal is to ensure a sustainable change in your company. On request, we also qualify your management staff and selected employees in the area of change management Additionally, we support you by building up a network of “Multipliers/ Change promoters” who further manage the topic after the official end of the project phase. If this fits your corporate culture, we will also work with you to establish agile and innovative change management methods.

How we can support your transformation

Stakeholder Management

Analysis of the affected stakeholder groups in order to understand the consequences of the planned transformation and derive appropriate measures


Development of a transformation story/ execution of a campaign and management of target group-specific communication via various channels


Development of an appropriate training approach and creation of support materials to implement the transformation journey.


Acting as a coach/ sparring partner for (top) management and support with innovative ideas to keep the momentum


Engaging managers and employees wherever possible Encouraging feedback as well as supporting change

Workshops/ Events

Conducting workshops/ events and bringing change to life for the target audiences to better understand the impact of the transformation.

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(Hybrid) Events

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Brain Nuggets / Lunch & Learn

Business coaching

Pod- and Videocasts

Explainer videos


Multiplier network

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