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Many projects in companies come 


… of all projects worldwide reach

not the intended target

… of the projects take longer than planned

… of the projects exceed the budget

Source: Project Management Institute, Pulse of the Profession 2021

On closer look reveals that the reasons for this are always the same


The project portfolio or the scope of individual
Projects are oversized.

Silo thinking

When sub-projects and parallel projects are interdependent, silo thinking hinders joint progress.

Ineffective Methods

Employees learn new project management skills.
However, they do not consistently use skills such as agile methods in their everyday work.


Some projects change the entire organization, others the daily work routine in individual divisions. Not every employee goes along with the new way without further ado.

But studies also show that active project management and appropriate change management methods significantly increase the success of projects.

And that’s where we come in.

Creating calm - We keep an eye on the details


Together with you, we will examine your project portfolio and help you to prioritize projects and find the optimal solution.
determine the most optimal scope for individual projects.


We find the best way for you to reach your goal and support all parties involved in keeping pace.

Keep it simple

We reduce complexity quite pragmatically, according to the motto: rather try something concrete than analyze problems endlessly.

Our style: hands-on and agile

Our experience and methods guarantee your success.

A missed exit is nothing more than a small detour in everyday life. In large projects, on the other hand, detours and the associated delays are expensive. We plan and control your internal projects with the necessary foresight. The starting point is the expectations of affected employee groups: We closely involve these stakeholders in our planning right from the start. We tailor the scope and timeframe of the project to the situation in your company. Our goal is to complete your project on time and within budget. Our regular reporting shows you how well the project is on its way, from the beginning to the end of the joint journey.

We are masters of the high martial arts, but are also always on hand when simple manual operations are required. It is a matter of course for us to lend a hand wherever it is needed. Achieving good results quickly is our priority. We work in an agile manner, which means that we tackle extensive tasks in stages, in so-called sprints. This gives you an early opportunity to evaluate interim results. These agile methods not only make our work very productive. Our experienced Scrum Masters are also available to your employees as coaches at any time, helping to ensure long-term success.

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