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A major rebuild: Getting ready for the New Normal

What will office life look like after the pandemic? Employees are seeking more flexibility, while companies are rethinking their interior concepts. Managers and operational teams should work together to determine their path to the New Normal, establishing clear rules.

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Innovation Management: Platforms for Perfect Matches

Companies strive to cooperate with the best startups or established specialists. How do innovation partners get together without taking detours? Here’s a digital solution that makes it very easy to search for potential partners and keep track of all contacts.

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How agile is your Transformation Management?

To achieve project goals safely and quickly, many transformation managers rely on agile principles. How can you adopt agile practices in your change project? Here are five key aspects. How can you adopt agile practices in your change project? Here are five key aspects. Here are five key aspects

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Behavior change: What really keeps us going

Transformation only succeeds when employees shift their mindsets and adopt new behaviors. That doesn’t happen overnight. How can you keep up motivation? We present findings from psychology and four practical approaches.

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Performance Reporting: How to deal with skeptics

Financial reports at the push of a button – that’s the promise of performance reporting tools. However, employees are not necessarily enthusiastic about the transparency and the associated workload. How can you convince the skeptics?

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Sport for endangered species

Gorilla, polar bear, lynx: Until the end of the year, we will support the WWF with our sports initiative, collecting monthly donations for wildlife protection.

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Secure IT beats IT security

It sounds like a play on words but it’s nothing less than a paradigm shift: Secure IT by Design means building software, hardware and networks securely from the very beginning instead of fixing vulnerabilities subsequently. Higher initial costs will pay off in the long run.

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Crossing Europe: Grosse-Hornke wins charity challenge

Many of our colleagues are sports enthusiasts. We love running, climbing, diving, horse-riding and other activities. In 2019, we boosted our training routines with a big challenge: Our aim was to run a distance which equals crossing the European continent. And we made it! For every kilometer, Grosse-Hornke is donating to charity – a total of 1,500 euros.

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Study Award Business Chemistry: How to deal with volatile naphtha prices?

The fossil distillate Naphtha is one of the most important resources in petrochemistry. Its price fluctuates strongly. In her master’s thesis, Stella Buchmann showed how companies can optimally deal with this fact. Yesterday she was awarded the Study Award Business Chemistry 2019, granted by Grosse-Hornke and the University of Münster.

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IT-SA 2019: Cloud security in the focus

IT security in the Cloud remains a hot topic. Grosse-Hornke took the opportunity to find out about the latest developments at the leading international IT-SA trade fair in Nuremberg. This year, 750 exhibitors from 25 nations took part.

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Change: This unbeatable method involves everyone

If you want to introduce new values, strategies or working methods in your organization, the best method is usually a classic: the workshop cascade. We show how to implement this evergreen perfectly, avoiding mistakes that stand in the way of success.

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How secure is your IT? Make a check-up

IT security is a building with several essential elements –the way employees handle systems and data, a fire-proof infrastructure and many other aspects. With our “House of IT Security” concept, companies can determine the most important fields of action, including all interdependencies.

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Grosse-Hornke among FOCUS-Business top employers 2019

In November, the German magazine FOCUS-Business and the employer review platform Kununu reviewed 750,000 companies and selected the 2,800 top employers of SMEs in 2019. Grosse-Hornke is one of them – with a strong ranking among the best 200 consulting firms.

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Student Award Business Chemistry: Agility in Chemical Procurement

For his master’s thesis, Niels Gerhard took a closer look at the procurement function of a chemical company: How agile is the organization – is there any room for improvement? He delivered an excellent analysis, which won our Student Award Business Chemistry 2018, in cooperation with the University of Münster.

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DevOps Toolchain: Software tools for agile teams

IT Development and Operations are growing together in many companies. This principle is called DevOps, and it has to be reflected in the technical tools: Shared software enables a seamless cooperation. Our practical example illustrates how companies can put together an optimal tool chain.

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On the trail of “Skyfall”: Hiking against stress

For many managers, work life is a mental marathon. Stress can hardly be avoided. Silke Grosse-Hornke knows this all too well. This summer, she put on her hiking boots in order to find a balance. Here she shares her experiences on the Scottish West Highland Way.

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Quick and perfect fit: Standardizing IT workstations

Many companies maintain large IT service catalogs. For employees it is often difficult to find suitable hardware and software and combine them correctly. Service Bundling simplifies the selection of IT products and accelerates delivery. In addition, the company can reduce costs for numerous IT workstations. Our case study illustrates how this works.

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Clear Rules for Cloud Computing: the IT Lifecycle Cockpit

Today, almost every company is using cloud services. But the question is whether an external cloud solution is always better than a local system (“on premise”). Moreover, employees have to follow certain rules when using cloud services. Our practice example shows how companies can get the best out of the market while retaining the necessary control.

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Windows 10: How to ensure a smooth migration

Approximately 40 percent of all desktops and laptops worldwide are still running Windows 7, but Microsoft’s extended support for this operating system will expire in early 2020. It’s time to switch to the new Windows. Our example illustrates how companies can manage this change smoothly.

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Speeding up IT Service Management

When it takes longer to fix a software problem or to deliver new hardware, this is usually due to over-complex IT processes. Our practical example shows how companies can improve and accelerate their IT Service Management.

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