Grosse-Hornke among FOCUS-Business top employers 2019

In November, the German magazine FOCUS-Business and the employer review platform Kununu reviewed 750,000 companies and selected the 2,800 top employers of SMEs in 2019. Grosse-Hornke is one of them – with a strong ranking among the best 200 consulting firms.

In order to qualify for the top medium-sized employers, companies must have an above-average current Kununu rating; they have to be based in Germany and may employ a maximum of 500 people. In this comparison, we not only made it among the 2,800 best, but also reached the upper range: Grosse-Hornke ranks 1,005 in the overall ranking and 186 among 403 consulting firms.

We are very happy with this result, which is essentially based on feedback from our employees. For us, the result is also an encouragement for the future.

The detailed ranking is available in the current current issue of FOCUS-Business (German language).

05.12.2018, Grosse-Hornke

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