More speed in IT service management

When IT takes longer to fix a software problem or deliver new hardware, it’s usually due to overly complex processes. Our practical example shows how companies can improve and accelerate their IT service management.


An international company wants to consolidate its IT Service Management (ITSM) in a central tool. To date, IT has used over a dozen different systems to manage support requests, hardware and software orders, and information about existing devices and applications.

Challenge 1:

The company is looking for standard software that covers all IT service areas and procedures (e.g. request management, configuration management, incident management). At the same time, it should enable comprehensive reporting.

Challenge 2:

The new ITSM solution must work seamlessly with connected systems.

Challenge 3:

IT work processes must be adapted to the system and simplified. Internal and external IT staff worldwide must master and maintain the new system.


The company selects a cloud-based standard software (SaaS), which is then tested in a proof of concept – in an environment without interfaces to other applications. The system performs well technically. It is also cost-effective because the provider offers full-service so that the customer does not have to maintain hardware and infrastructure. It is decided that the SaaS will be used worldwide.

We are in charge of the project management. In dialogue with IT leaders, we collect all information about the connected systems and provide a basis for decision-making: Which applications will remain and which are dispensable? At the same time, we take a close look at the processes, because not all of them can be transferred to the new world. We simplify all processes and develop new, harmonized roles for the IT areas.

Together with the IT departments, we plan and coordinate the entire transition: The company must adapt connected systems, migrate data securely and train IT staff. In order to manage the changes smoothly, we divide the long journey into stages: Process by process, department by department. Everything is coordinated in such a way that nothing is lost and IT service remains available at all times.

It is not all about technology, but also about convincing employees of the tool. The new solution streamlines processes in many areas, but the teams also have to adapt some new processes – expertise which has been built up over a long time is becoming partly obsolete. We inform about the features of the new tool on internal channels, by e-mail, in discussion groups and through software demonstrations, explaining how employees actually benefit.


The new ITSM tool is user-friendly and creates full transparency: Services and work statuses can be viewed at any time by IT and end users. Processes have been simplified so that IT can deliver much faster: What used to take months can now be implemented in a few days.

03.09.2018, Grosse-Hornke

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