Which way is the "wind of change" blowing?

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After a merger, a common question arises: What core values and behaviors unite employees and make the company more productive? Often, culture integration is approached far too cerebrally, explains Silke Grosse-Hornke in a podcast conversation around M&A and culture change.


In the new podcast series, Kultur wandle Dich, host Marcus Schaper discusses cultural change from all angles with industry professionals with expertise in change management experts. Silke is the very first guest and the episode is available to stream in German. Schaper was previously in the thick of the transformation himself as a CIO in the energy industry. In an entertaining 46 minutes, Silke and Marcus exchange views on what makes for successful culture integration and why it can be a difficult to implement effectively.

Sounds interesting? You can listen to the episode in German right here:

07.01.2022 - Grosse-Hornke

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