Study Award Business Chemistry: About cell proteins and venture capital

Masterabsolventinnen bei der Verleihung des Münsteraner Studienpreises Wirtschaftschemie 2021

Two top graduates happily received the Münster Study Award Business Chemistry at the end of 2021: Kathrin Kirchhoff and Maria Nero. Their master’s theses focus on cell proteins, 3D printing and venture capital – underscoring once again the great variety of topics in business chemistry.


Even if you don’t specialize in cell biology, you may have heard of the term: cytokines play an important role in the human body, including immune reactions. For instance, these proteins are of particular interest for cancer therapies. They are therefore an attractive field of research for life science companies – including Evorion Biotechnologies GmbH, the cooperating company for Kathrin Kirchhoff’s thesis. In her study, she worked on two topics: the detection of cytokines in individual cells and a market strategy that would enable the company to offer this particular service.


The influence of geography on startup valuation

Let’s move out of the lab, into the startup scene. During an internship at Evonik Industries AG, Maria Nero found her master’s topic. In her thesis, she investigated the question of whether and how geographic location affects investments in young companies in additive manufacturing. For this purpose, Maria Nero took a close look at financing rounds of 3D printing startups and additionally interviewed experts from different countries. The result: Apart from costs, other location-specific factors are relevant, including English language skills, risk tolerance and university support.


Both studies are not only relevant for business practice, but also outstanding in terms of methodology. For their great achievements, Kathrin Kirchhoff and Maria Nero recently received the Münster Study Award Business Chemistry. Since 2012, Grosse-Hornke has been granting this prize, which is endowed with 1,000 euros each, together with the Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy at Münster University.

2022-01-07 - Grosse-Hornke

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